Our Big Oak Got Struck by Lightning

I’m not the type to be afraid of storms because I have grown up in an area where they are pretty common. The only one that scared me was one a couple of years ago when I was home alone. My husband was out of town helping his mom but I had to stay back because of work commitments. The storm that blew through that weekend was pretty severe, and it resulted in having to find a company that does tree services in Asheville NC. There used to be a really large oak tree in our front yard, but it got struck by lightning during that storm.

When I heard the crack, I had no idea what it was at first. I just knew that something major had happened. The only blessing is that the tree fell away from the house. If it had fallen on the house, it would have crushed the roof, the tree was that big. I called my husband and he came home immediately since he was just a couple of hours away. I had sent him pictures from my cell phone, but seeing it in person was just an amazing thing to see.

He is the one who found a company that takes care of trees. They were pretty busy because the storm had wreaked havoc all across the area. Since ours was not a major thing because of how it fell, we told them we could wait until things cleared up for them. They were still at our house within just a few days, which was amazing in itself. They were able to grind up the large pieces that fell and then took the tree down the rest of the way since it was compromised. When they were done, they cleaned up every bit of the mess. They were professional, courteous, and very fast!

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