Month: April 2020

I Needed to Look Good for the Camera

I work for a local television station. I have worked on the air before, but I am mostly a behind the scenes person. When a big story broke out and we were given an exclusive sit down interview, I was shocked when the person said they would only do it if I was the one interviewing them. They had seen my work and knew that I was extremely fair and balanced. I was excited to do this, but I was not prepared. My boss told me that she would bring in an on demand airbrush makeup stylist who would be able to help me with my hair and makeup.

I always have a nice dress in my office because I never know when I might need to go on air. I never would have worried about my hair or makeup for that because my appearances were usually only for less than a minute. This promised to be a big story with national pickups, and I knew that I needed to look my absolute best. I was thankful that my boss knew of a company that could send someone out to help me look my best.

The airbrush effect was something new to me, but I really liked how it looked on me. It had a very natural look, and it stayed fresh throughout the entire day too. The makeup stylist was also able to do my hair. I was wearing it down, but she was able to style it into a very sophisticated look that I really appreciated. I knew that I had never looked better when I did the interview just a couple of hours later. I was even more thankful when the story did get picked up nationwide. When I watched it the first time, I had a hard time believing that it was me on the screen!