Month: July 2021

An Easy Installation for Vinyl Flooring

Once I decided to lay down new flooring in my dining room, I did not waste any time in putting together a plan. I had debated on whether I should hire a professional to install it for me, but after reading I knew that I could properly lay down the floor on my own. This website was very informative on everything I would need, both with tools and expertise, and I knew that I could do it.

The first thing I did was measure the dining room. I am glad that I read the instructions on how to measure a room because I would have done it wrong. I would have just measured wall to wall and purchased that much material. Instead, I knew to add several inches to each side to allow for cutting the vinyl to fit in the corners and edges.

Next, I knew that I was going to have to determine whether I would need an underlayment or if the subfloor would be good enough to lay the vinyl right on. The floor was already pretty smooth with just a couple of rough spots. I was able to sand those down to where the floor was even across the entire room. That part was a little messier than I expected, but it saved me time and money by doing that myself.

After that, I just had to cut the vinyl flooring, I thought the hardest part would be the corners, but I just followed the instructions and even that was very easy to do. The rest was very easy to do. I had to apply the vinyl pieces to the subfloor, and make sure that I cut it very evenly against the wall and corners. It took me about six hours because I was going slow since it was my first time to do this, but the end result looks amazing.

Oh No a Leak! What Do I Do Now?

A broken pipe can be one of the last things that a homeowner wants to hear about. The costs of repairing a broken pipe can be overwhelming. Even if you get the pipes fixed, you might have tons of related costs. A broken pipe can cause hundreds or even thousands of dollars of damage. Mold and mildew damage can be a lingering concern as well. Some people might not know what to look for or even how to find a 24 hr emergency plumber in NJ though. It’s good to keep in mind that not all plumbers or plumbing companies are made equally. You’ll want to find a plumbing service that is certified and will get the job done right.

If at all possible, you want to cut off the water at the main source as soon as you notice your pipes have a leak. This will not only save you on your water bill, but will also limit the damage your home incurs. This is especially true if the pipes are in an interior area of your home. Many plumbers will do their best to make it to your home as soon as possible, but in the meantime, you don’t want the damage spreading.

Other issues are common with home owners as well. In colder weather, frozen pipes can be a pain. An emergency plumber has the knowledge that it takes to get your water flowing again in no time. Plumbing services aren’t limited to the input flow of water into your house, either. As a homeowner, you can run into all sorts of drainage and sewage problems. Emergency plumbers can assist you with clogged toilets or drainage issues. From broken pipes to draining issues to broken sump pumps, homeowners will run into problems. It’s great to know that emergency plumbing services will always be there.

Our Big Oak Got Struck by Lightning

I’m not the type to be afraid of storms because I have grown up in an area where they are pretty common. The only one that scared me was one a couple of years ago when I was home alone. My husband was out of town helping his mom but I had to stay back because of work commitments. The storm that blew through that weekend was pretty severe, and it resulted in having to find a company that does tree services in Asheville NC. There used to be a really large oak tree in our front yard, but it got struck by lightning during that storm.

When I heard the crack, I had no idea what it was at first. I just knew that something major had happened. The only blessing is that the tree fell away from the house. If it had fallen on the house, it would have crushed the roof, the tree was that big. I called my husband and he came home immediately since he was just a couple of hours away. I had sent him pictures from my cell phone, but seeing it in person was just an amazing thing to see.

He is the one who found a company that takes care of trees. They were pretty busy because the storm had wreaked havoc all across the area. Since ours was not a major thing because of how it fell, we told them we could wait until things cleared up for them. They were still at our house within just a few days, which was amazing in itself. They were able to grind up the large pieces that fell and then took the tree down the rest of the way since it was compromised. When they were done, they cleaned up every bit of the mess. They were professional, courteous, and very fast!